Christos Kedras

Christos Kedras was born and grew up in Greece next to the majestic waters of the Aegean Sea.
He started as a DJ, and co-founded the Greek electronic music label "Mediterranean Beat".
Moving to Los Angeles, he earned acclaim for his eclectic DJ sets of house, nu disco, bossa nova, nu jazz, and afrolatin. Christos has participated in a number of DJ/music nights, spinning alongside Jay-J, Claude Monnet, John Beltran, Random Soul, Q-burns, Graham Sahara, Raul Campos, and for the likes of Sting, the Coalition of LA Designers, the Kabbalah, and numerous events. He also showcases his music picks at the Beat Philosophy radio hour a mix of brand new & handpicked nu jazz, deep, soulful & dance house that airs on FM & internet stations globally.
In the studio, Christos has collaborated with world-class musicians like Justo Almario, Marconi de Morais, Adam Zimmon, Grecco Buratto, D Booker, and Tiago D'Errico. His production work has earned him kudos from heavyweights like Pete Tong, Ian Pooley, Nick Warren, Andy Ward, Tony Humphries, Spen, Richard Earnshaw, Mr. V, Meme, and has aired on numerous radios including BBC Radio 1, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, KCRW, Radio FG, and Ibiza Global Radio.
With DJ gigs in Europe, Japan, Brazil and several US cities, and a constant supply of high-quality productions, Christos is one the furthest-reaching ambassadors of the Kapa sound.