Martin East Project - Far From This Place
featuring Canata
with remixes by
Jay J
Mike Sarkus
Mike and Demarkus
Christos Kedras
street date: 01 Apr 2008
Hear & Download it here.

DJ Reactions
- Claude Monnet: I am totally stuck on your new track (Sarkus / Romain vocal).
- Graham Sahara: Playing Jay J mix (funky room Pacha).
- Chris Phillips: Feeling that Romain mix big time.
- Olivier Velay: Lovin' the Jay-J Vocal Mix and the sexy vocals from Canata.
- Mark Robinson: Jay J Feckin rules!!!!!
- Charlie Edwards (Hed Kandi): Jay J mix already charted.
- Milk & Sugar: Great Mixes - Jay J ROCKS!!!!!