Christos Kedras - Full Spectrum
catalog number: K91A001
genre: house nu-jazz funk broken-beat
street date: 14.Jul.2010
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Los Angeles producer/DJ Christos Kedras reveals his tasty debut album "Full Spectrum" - an eclectic journey with a spectacular combination of soulful house music vibes with beautiful vocals, funk & jazz flavours and quirky breaks. Full Spectrum sees Christos cull in plethora of talented musicians from around the world including regular cohort Marconi De Morais (keys), acclaimed singer/producer Grecco Buratto (strings), award winning Latin jazz saxophonist Justo Almario (sax), Nelson Rios (bass), Tiago D'Errico (guitar), Fernando Ebano (percussion) and Adam Zimmon (guitar). The album features unreleased original cuts from a selection of Christos' singles including "Sweet Temptation" (ft. D. Booker from Eyedentity and Scott Rucker), "Choice" (ft D. Booker and David Skulski), "You Can Do What You Want" (ft vNova), "Little Dark Spot" (ft Aya Larkin), "Fly Me Away" (ft Mela) and his brand new single "Lets Funky" with Krishna Booker (ft. remixes from Deisler, Reeplee & Simeon Belle). Laid back jazzy vibes are also on offer with "Saxy Dub" and "One Night at V2", along with the rock fused "Going To Prevail" (ft Shox Hincks). Christos finishes off with a cheeky wink to Clint Eastwood with the quirky "Clint is Coming".